Thursday, February 21, 2013

No more bad news

“Don't bring me bad news, no bad news
I don't need none of your bad news today”

-Patty Griffin

Superstorms. Blizzards. Fiscal cliffs. Political gridlock. Abuse of power. Misuse of trust. Violence – against children, girlfriends, partners, friends, neighbors, elders, strangers, animals.

The news is full of mind-numbing, soul crushing, energy sapping bad, bad, bad, bad stuff.

I can only expect locusts, frogs, and pestilence next.

What I need is more balance. More good news.

Incredibly, I found some:

And there’s more good stuff at such sites as:

So when the news get you down, and you begin to feel the crushing weight of so much bad stuff happening in the world, take the time to search out some goodness.

It’s there. Waiting to be found. Taking a backseat to all those sensational headlines attracting attention.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The writing in emails is typically a casual affair, IMHO.

The acronyms can be hard to decipher, depending on the IBK.

And rude (IBK = idiot behind the keyboard).

So I've been delighted by recent emails that have included sign-offs that make me smile.

A sampling:
  •  Have a prosperous day (from an administrative coordinator)
  • Sent from my [device], so pardon my typos (everyone with an iPhone)
  • Cheers (sent from overseas)
  •  Mit freundlichen Grüßen (from an American with a global perspective)
I also get a lot of exclamation points!!!! A/k/a screamers!!!!!! As in: Thank you!!!. Thanks!!! 

I don't get a lot of "Ciao!" in emails, but I often get it in face-to-face meetings. Make that cheek-to-cheek greetings, because it's often accompanied by air kisses on alternating cheeks. These can be awkward for Americans, who get tangled up in which cheek goes first and how many kisses are enough or too many. 

For my emails, I've gotten into the "Best regards" habit. It was something I picked up years ago, after a company lawyer included it in his email. It seemed sincere and, at that time, a little different. It stuck.

Until next time...Adios! Au revoir! Avtio!