Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Being a dog on the Internet

The old joke about being online was that nobody knew you were a dog on the Internet.

Not true, and not even desirable, for a particular Jack Russell Terrier.

Lily is the canine mascot for MtnRanks.com. She loves chasing bikes. And, as you might have guessed, she’s gone viral. Here’s “Lily at Trailside.”

As if that isn’t enough notoriety, she’s been on Facebook since November 2011, as Lily Pad Downard, where she says:
“… I love the outdoors and action sports. I love to chase bikes, hike, tour in the snow, and climb rocks. I love to travel and ride with my head out the car window. In my spare time I love to eat rocks and chase cats.”
So, like many things in life, the pendulum has swung. Being a dog on the Internet is no longer a bad thing or something to hide. These days, it’s pretty cool. And you can sell T-shirts.

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