Friday, June 1, 2012

DIY music

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a singer in a band? I certainly did, once upon a time.

But it was only a dream. I had no guitar. No band buddies. No singing voice.

Fast forward to today. You don’t need a band, or even an instrument, to be a star. All you need is an idea, some courage, and a bit of talent. Technology can stand in for the rest.

  • THePETEBOX is billed as “one of the world's finest human beatboxers.” With just himself and some recording magic, he produces a rich sound that spins around in your head, sprints through your body, and keeps you moving.
  •  Then there’s Reggie Watts, an amazing beatboxer/comedian/performer. There’s a little bit of all three in his TED talk, Reggie Watts disorients you in the most entertaining way.
  •  And for those of you who ever wanted to be the fifth Beatle, here’s your shot. Paul McCartney’s website allows visitors to remix some of the old faves. It's a hoot; give it a try.
Once again, technology is reframing our reality, creating greater access for greater numbers of people. Many of whom are quite musical...and entertaining.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

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