Monday, June 3, 2013

Sorry, I'm already in a relationship

Not to brag, but there are numerous people pursuing me. They call. They email. They offer enticements to stay in touch.

My response is always the same. Blacklist the phone numbers. Delete emails unopened. Unsubscribe to all offers.

I never explain why, even when pleaded with to give a reason. 

But I'll tell you. 

I don't want a relationship with...
  • The manufacturer of my toothbrush
  • The online store where I buy running gear
  • The contractor who replaced my roof
  • The station where I buy gas
  • The store where I buy paint

All I want from these -- and all the others who beg me to like, follow, subscribe, complete surveys, or become a member -- is their product. To me, the transaction is finished when products or services are delivered and payment is made.

I don't even call my mother as often as some marketers call me.

Yes, I'm fully aware of the value of repeat customers to a healthy business. And I do consider myself a loyal customer. 

My continued patronage can be assured by quality, service, and value, not constant contacts via digital channels. 

My marriage is the only relationship I want nurtured. I can do without all the marketing-based ones.

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