Friday, August 17, 2012

Business card bingo

On the wall in my office is a plaque that shows every business card I’ve ever had in my career.

Nine cards. Six companies. And today the only company with the same name, same ownership is my own.

So much for corporate loyalty…or business continuity.
  • Before starting AMY INK, I worked for Fisher Scientific International Inc., now part of ThermoFisher Scientific Inc.
  • Before that, I worked for Hercules Incorporated, now part of Ashland.
  • Before that, I worked for ARCO Chemical, which was bought by Lyondell Petrochemical Corp., which became Lyondell Chemical Company, which is now LyondellBasell Industries.
  • Before that, I worked for Bell Atlantic, which is now Verizon.
  • Before that, I worked for Marketpac International, which had been a subsidiary of AIG, but is long since gone.
  • And even though I never had a business card when I worked at SmithKline Corporation, that company was transformed into SmithKline Beckman, then SmithKline Beecham and, now, GlaxoSmithKline.
 At this point, I think I'm set with AMY INK. I can't imagine what would ever get me to change the name. I never even changed my own name, and I've been married to John Greenstine for decades.

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