Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This space intentionally left blank

Sometimes it feels like I spend my day breaking rocks. At least that's the sense I get when I'm chipping away at a project day after day, with little visible progress.

When I'm caught up in a project or deadlines are looming, it's hard to find enough spare brain cells to post anything interesting on this blog. Now I understand why so many financial reports have pages bearing the single sentence: "This space intentionally left blank." Although, in that case, there probably isn't an accountant who can simply explain what's been going on behind the scenes.

At any rate, I'm not alone when it comes to blogging brain freeze. There are enough of us to provide ample fodder for one guy who's been tracking the apologies people post for not blogging.

Cory Arcangel has created a blog that re-posts other people's posts about not blogging. He calls it Sorry I Haven't Posted: "Inspiring Apologies from Today's World Wide Web." Among those he has collected: 
  • "Hey gang. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I recently had a very, very, very, minor, very, very, very, mild heart attack."
  • “For a very long time, I wanted nothing more than to be a writer. This blog was one of the ways I tried to follow that. But simply put, I’m tired of slamming my head up against the wall and getting nowhere." 
You get the idea.

If nothing else, these apologies are inspiring as a collective statement on blogging -- or the lack of it. If I have something to say or share, you'll find it here. If not, well, what does blank space look like in a blog anyway.

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