Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tweeting the Trenta

Tweets about the new 31 oz. "Trenta" size drink at Starbucks just keep rolling in. At least the Trenta has eclipsed talk about the revised Starbucks logo. A smattering of Trenta tidbits from Twitter:

@ConanOBrien Conan O'Brien
I can't wait to try the new gigantic Starbucks size, "Trenta". Or as it's called in The Midwest, "A Medium". 

@CocosNumber2Fan Laurel Noel
Is the Starbucks Trenta THRICE as big as the tall? @ConanOBrien @TeamCoco 

@denisleary Denis Leary
Starbucks has a new giant coffee named Trenta. Comes w/ David Blaine inside holding his breath. 

Kindergarten teachers, you can thank Starbuck's when, 5 years from now, every other kid in your class is named "Trenta". 

@HideSeekMedia Hide and Seek Media
Is the New Starbucks "Trenta Cup" Bigger Than Your Stomach?   

@curiouslyp Simon Kendrick
Seriously, who would want a litre of coffee from Starbucks? Trenta size fail 

@Oksanap Oksana Poltavets
RT @FTFnews Did you hear that @Starbucks is rolling out a new 31ozTrenta size?! - this could feed an army! 

@dclovesfood W. Mark Felt
Folks - just b/c Starbucks is serving the trenta, doesn't mean you have to drink it 

@slkfinger Shawn Finger
Is the point of the #trenta to match your ounce size to your BMI? 

@Leslie_Kerr Leslie Kerr
every1 realizes the @starbucks trenta is not the 1st drink of that size, right? It just evens the playing field w/DD, McD 

@angryczeck Jeremy Harper
My bladder has waved a preemptive flag of surrender to Starbucks Trenta. 

@atzezwirs atze zwirs
Can you die from #caffeine!? #starbucks introduces the #trenta which is bigger then your stomach! 

@wovencharlie Charles Schulze
What did he die of officer? Well mam he tried to finish his Trenta without a bathroom break. 

@andreastokes andrea stokes
@johnson_s RT @angryczeck: The Starbucks Trenta doesn't look *that* big on Google Earth. 

@AkaashAchreja Akaash Achreja
Is the Starbucks Trenta REALLY necessary? I mean, are people out there finishing their Ventis and saying "If only this were 50% larger...."? 

@ordinarycitizen Justin Phillips
Trenta? Really, Starbucks? Who needs 30 ounces of coffee? Are you trying to turn everyone into Gary Busey? 

@DSKinsel d.s. kinsel
@Starbucks got a new fancy named size coming out....#Trenta....y cant they just call it the "big azz" size...who drinks tht much coffee? 

@MarshallRamsey MarshallRamsey
Starbucks named it's new biggest drink size, "Trenta" because "Bladder Splatter" wasn't as cool sounding. 

@mcrumr mcrumr
Starbucks extra large size is named Trenta...I think that's French for bladder explosion 

@Mushy187 Matua
Starbucks to offer Trenta sized drinks. It's nice to have another ridiculously named size that I can avoid purchasing. 

@shawndecker shawndecker
Cool that @starbucks has named a drink the "Trenta" to say congrats to @trent_reznor for winning a Golden Globe. 

@DeanneGetreu Deanne Getreu
#Starbucks named their new 31oz. drink #Trenta because it's shorter than "liquid diabetes and colon cancer". 

@UrbanB Ben Urbanski
Starbucks announces a 31oz sized drink. Named Trenta. SO EXCITED TO DIE OF CAFFEINE OVERDOSE!!!

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