Friday, August 13, 2010

This is not about politics

As much as this posting might seem to be about politics, it's not. It's just my way of lauding the work of a local journalist who, like me, is worn out by all the negativity and name-calling in political circles.

In today's Philadelphia Inquirer, Annette John-Hall writes, "...what makes me most tired these days is having to listen to the constant bickering and anger -- from Congress, pundits, and everyday people who'd rather rage than resolve."

She calls it "An endless cycle of negativity on the hamster wheel."


And now there's Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly making himself the butt of a negative news story by taking on Hollywood, trying to stir the pot and turn everything into a political statement. This time he's incensed that Jennifer Aniston, in promoting "The Switch," made comments about single women -- like her character -- not having to wait for a man to have a baby, using a sperm donor instead. He says she's "diminishing the role of the dad," and is "destructive to our society."

What's really destructive is the constant posturing and negativity by those angling for their own 15 minutes of fame.

What we need now more than ever is clear thinking, rational reporting, and a lot less outrage. We need more journalists like John-Hall to point out the folly in political gridlock and social spin. We can solve the nation's problems, Republicans and Democrats together, if we agree to disagree, consider the greater good -- and then move on.

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