Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Going animal for your brand

Naming a company is nothing to be taken lightly. Or  maybe it is. Consider the number of businesses that have decided to go animal for their brand.
  • delivers a monthly box of goodies for your dog.
  • is a search engine that combines results from other leading search engines.
  • searches the Web without annoying filters than can limit search results.
  • Aflac isn't named for a duck, but the company is now synonymous with one, having gained 90 percent brand awareness since introducing the Aflac Duck.
  • Likewise, GEICO is synonymous with a gecko, drawing inspiration for its mascot from a common mispronunciation of its name.
  • (two cows) is global provider of domain names and other Internet services.
  • offers custom digital prints and gifts from personal photos, and is an editing site that touts “fearless photo embitterment.”
  • offers free online survey software and questionnaire tools.
Like animals themselves, there are many more, I mean brands out there with names borrowed from our fine furry or feathered friends.

Still, naming experts continue to tout abstract names, informative names, and even made-up names. I can’t remember reading any advice about looking to your pet for inspiration.

If that were the case, my freelance writing business might have been called Purr-fect Prose instead of Amy Ink.

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