Saturday, October 1, 2011

ROTFL in a fuzzy way

I heard it well before I saw it. Something, somewhere was laughing out of control. In a mechanical, but infectious kind of way.

Then I saw it. A gaggle (flock? rookery? herd? colony?) of stuffed animals rolling on the floor laughing (literally ROTFL).
I first thought: Another cute but cheesy marketing idea. But something about the laughter drew me in. As well it should. Apparently laughter is good for you, whether it's real and spontaneous or faked and forced:
These days it can be hard to find something that makes you laugh out loud. But do it anyway. I did, right in the middle of the Fort Myers (Fla.) airport. And that made other people laugh -- either at the Giggle Buddies or me, it didn't matter which. We all walked away feeling better for it. At least that's what the experts would say.

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