Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Right on Target

I'm not much of a football fan, but I'm always game to watch the Super Bowl ads. This year, they were a disappointment. Maybe companies aren't putting as much creative juice into traditional media, I thought.

Then I saw the new commercials Target created just for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, on February 13. Under the umbrella of "Awards Show Meltdown," Target ran a series of six ads as part of its ongoing campaign called "Life's a Moving Target."

The ads were funny and on point. And if you missed them, you'll have to watch them on YouTube as they're not scheduled to be rebroadcast on TV.

Target is definitely working the magic of the medium, whichever medium it engages. Forget that Target was to be a new idea in discount stores. Today it has become more of a preferred shopping destination. Me? I walk in for one or two items and leave with bags and bags of stuff that's been on my mental shopping list for months. I've even heard corporate executives talk about their shopping trips to "Tar-shay."

Who said bricks-and-mortar stores were a dying breed?

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