Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Phine Pheathered Phriends

Philadelphia has a fondness for notable birds. Yes, there are the Eagles, but I'm talking more creature-oriented than football players. There's the beloved Philly Phanatic. And the Benjamin Phranklin Phanatic, currently standing outside the Franklin Institute, as part of the Paint the Phanatic Public Art Project.

And now there's another set of fine furry friends (or phriends) sitting outside the Franklin Institute: Momma red-tailed hawk and her chicks, which hatched this week. The action was captured via webcam -- and continues to be streamed live from the nest perched on a window ledge.

When I tuned in, along with 1,093 other viewers at that moment, Momma was watching the world (and the cars down below) go by. Babies were tucked underneath, staying warm, and just beginning to poke their heads out. It's a mesmerizing sight (and site), which has spawned a fan base of Hawkaholics, both on Facebook and Hawkwatch.

Got a minute? Take a peek during daylight hours, as there are no lights to disturb the goings-on at night. It's the best armchair slice-of-nature I've seen in awhile. And harmlessly addictive, too.

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